Look Mom – We’re Famous!

by Chris Brisson on Oct 14,2011

Chris Brisson

Yup, it’s me an my wife Alessandra a little over a year ago for our Wedding. It’s a real shot. No poses. No weekend model shoots. Just the raw deal – in the moment.

Pretty nice for an anniversary gift. Don’t you think?

The magical photo was taken by Mario Munoz from Munoz Photography. If you’re looking for hands down THE BEST photographer in the Country for your wedding, give them a call. (Yes they really are the best in the Country. The 1st Place Awards say they are)

This one’s a keeper…

7 Things Justin Bieber Knows That You Don’t About Business

by Chris Brisson on Sep 07,2011

Justin Bieber Business

Justin Bieber may be young, but he is also one of the richest people in America today. That’s because he has practiced good business techniques from the very beginning. Whether you like his music or not, there are things you can learn from his success.

1. Build an Audience

Justin had to build an audience, and so does the average business. Justin knows that the quickest way to reach teenage girls is with love songs. Make sure you know how to package your product to appeal to your target audience. Don’t try to sell umbrellas in a drought.

2. Engage & Connect With Your Fans

Justin knows how to connect with his fans: Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, websites. Your business can use these methods, too. Notice, however, that Justin doesn’t use the hard sell; he offers entertainment and interest. Your business can do that as well. An entertaining blog, essential tips or free professional advice can be irresistible to your customers or clients.

3. Be Humble and Show Respect

One thing that sets Justin Bieber apart is his humble demeanor. He actually shows respect for his audience, and the girls love him for it. Your business practices should show respect for your customers. You and all of your employees should be truthful and caring in your manner. That builds a loyal customer base.

4. Smell the Roses

Sometimes Justin Bieber has to stop and smell the roses. He can’t be on the go 24/7 without a break. He knows how to slow down and recharge. As entrepreneurs, business owners need that break as well. You are your own boss, and you may have to give your number one employee — you — a rest to recharge!

5. Ride The Wave

Justin Bieber Startup

As the number one songs and videos have sold, Justin has known to catch the wave and produce more products to keep up. When a wave of success comes your way, be ready with services, products, delivery methods, technology and personnel to handle more orders, customers or clients.

6. Never Give Up

Although sometimes it may seem that it was inevitable, Justin Bieber wasn’t born popular. He didn’t get to number one without hard work. If you want success, the key is to keep planning, keep working, keep your focus on what is important and look for new opportunities to reach your audience.

7. Use Video To Become an Instant Celebrity

Justin Bieber could never have become a success without the use of modern video. Video isn’t limited to superstars. Many entrepreneurs are using it to access their market. Good videos can sell a product, business or a person. They can capture the public’s imagination, play on public sentiment, or reach out to customers by providing information that they need. Business videos are not just advertisements. They are public service announcements, informational pieces and other forms of branding.

As your business struggles, think about Justin Bieber’s success.

What lessons can you learn? Leave me your comments below…

How To Get Testimonials

by Chris Brisson on Jul 21,2011

How to Get Testimonials


I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about marketing, lead generation, conversions, and a bit about getting case studies and testimonials from our customers. He quietly said to me, “Chris… I don’t have any.”

So I showed him a simple and automated system that he could setup using his email autoresponder, his website, and some other neat little software tools out there to automatically generate super HOT testimonials without him doing any extra work.

Along with the process I decided to design up a quick flow of the process for getting more testimonials.


Create Your Email

When you’re writing your email to include in your buyers autoresponder sequence you want to cover a few things.

1. Thank Your Customers

2. Give Value

3. Ask For It!

Inside of your email you can include two different links. One link is for customers who are satisfied and the other for “un-satisfied customers”. Depending on the link clicked it will take them to a different webpage. Now, on this webpage will be a simple survey and opt-in form to put them into another followup sequence.

Ask For The Testimonial

I like to get video testimonials from customers. Let’s face it – video works and it works like crazy. To get a video testimonial, you’ll need to give them a special gift, course, product, or something in exchange for the video testimonial. They have to turn on their camera, record it, upload it to youtube and send it over to you. It’s some work, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

On the flip side, you can ask for an audio testimonial. I use www.BYOAudio.com to record audio calls. They can just call a phone number, enter their pin, and start recording. BYOAudio will turn it into a flash player to plug on you website.

Thanks much and I hope you enjoyed the post and infographic.

To automate your Teleseminars check out AutoTeleseminar.

– Chris

Bootstrapped Startup? 3 Highly Lucrative Free Ways To Generate Traffic

by Chris Brisson on Jul 20,2011

Ah, welcome to startup life. You’re tight on cash, hustling to grow your business and overwhelmed by your choices to generate traffic.

Let’s see… there’s PPC, SEO, article marketing, info-graphics, Facebook, LinkedIn, direct mail, CPV, PPV, postcards, Social Media, Twitter, Hacker news, joint ventures, integration deals, pay per post, banners, and the new flavor of the week that appears every… single… week, without fail.

Just thinking about it makes my head explode. I need an Advil.

As a bootstrapped startup, focusing on your highest leverage, highest probability, and best bang for your buck opportunities is crucial to your success.

Here’s 3 of the highest leveraged FREE ways to generate buzz and traffic about your startup…

1. Write Guest Blog Posts

Good ol’ blog hacking. Think about this for a moment. You have a product that fits X market. There’s a blog, several blogs, that have hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of visitors, email subscribers, and people interested in X. The website owner has spent the time, the money, the resources, wrote hundreds and hundreds of blog posts to get people to their website and “you” as a guest blogger can literally, with free reign, piggyback off of their hard work and years of effort.

My friend Ryan wrote a guest blog post for a Real Estate Agent website last week and within the first 6 hours he had generated 200 new leads into his sales funnel. The month before, he paid that same blog $1,000 to run a banner ad that generated him 200 leads that month.

Today, about 14 days later, that article has generated over 10,000 views and freely drove 759 new leads into his business.

Just one blog post.

That’s one killer free strategy. Wash, rinse, repeat – Ryan!


Look around in your market and your top bloggers, approach them about writing for free, a custom blog post on a hot topic that falls in line with topics on their site. Send an email to 10 bloggers in the next 7 days. Land 2 and get writing. The key is to write your article to drive people to your free report, website, or opt-in form to “get the lead.”

Yes, business is about acquiring leads. Turn Traffic into Leads, Leads into BUYERS.

So again, yes… LEADS or USERS.

2. Interview Your Industries Celebrities & Leaders

One name: Andrew Warner.

He’s the owner of super successful interview site Mixergy, and over the last couple of years, Andrew has interviewed hundreds of the most famous and infamous entrepreneurs around the world.

Learning their secrets, picking apart their businesses, and understanding the strategies they used to grow their businesses. Hosting these interviews allowed Andrew to become an instant celebrity. A celebrity by initially just interviewing other successful people and how they built their businesses. He’s successful by “association” and by being a really cool, genuine, and truly caring person.

The credibility of Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, heck… President Obama has now been passed down to Andrew. The key influence factors going on here are “social proof” and “authority.”

If Tim Ferris, an authority, someone I know (of), like, and trust says Andrew is good, then Andrew MUST be good. I should like Andrew too. Ever heard of Napoleon Hill? You know the author of Think and Grow Rich. the book written in 1927. This was his simple strategy, but in today’s world it’s PROFOUND.


Look in your industry and create a list of the top 50 celebrities in your market. Reach out to them, ask for an interview, record it, and give it away for free on your blog or website. More importantly PROMOTE IT. Try and do 2-3 new interviews a month. Video and text interview if possible (it’s for the SEO juice)

Oh, and thank the speakers. A personal hand written thank you note goes a long way.

3. Joint Venture Relationships

You may be thinking of a huge legal relationship, getting lawyers involved to strike JV deal. At it’s core, a jv is a marketing relationship where a person, company, website, or blog that already has your customer, prospect, or traffic will email, place a banner, or some other action to create sales in return receiving a percentage of the revenue’s generated.

The great thing about Joint Ventures is that they’re FREE. There’s no cost to setup a jv relationship and their shouldn’t be.

They’re done all of the hard work to acquire that customer or prospect. They may have spent advertising dollars, creating tons of content to attract them, and spent years and years to build a relationship.

There’s two sides to a jv deal: Traffic Source and Product Source.

The person with the product will offer the person with the traffic a percentage of the revenue’s generated for their endorsement, a mailing, or by simply sending traffic to their site in hope’s of converting that traffic into customers.

So what types of Joint Venture deals are possible?

Webinars that are exclusively held for a persons customers, teleseminars, banner ad placement, or simple email marketing.


Create a list of 25 top websites in your niche or industry that GET TRAFFIC, have customers, leads, and approach them about hosting a LIVE Webinar that will teach them How To Avoid X or whatever is a compelling presentation for that niche. Reach out to these people and score some deals. It’s easier than you think, but just get busy!

Love to hear your comments.

– Chris

The Strangest Secret in the World

by Chris Brisson on Jun 01,2011

Last night, I went to bed pretty early about 11:30 and awoke 3 hours later at 2:27 a little anxious, excited, but more importantly a bit scared. In a way, afraid of everything that is currently happening.

Asking myself some questions you may be asking yourself…

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I on the path to failure or success?

Is what I do everyday, helping me grow or holding me back?

All of these internal questions that now that I think about it, were the WRONG questions to ask myself. So I found myself back at my computer looking for a bit of inspiration and after stumbling upon Maren Kate’s blog EscapingThe9to5 and heard her mention in one of her videos to watch lookk up the “Strangest Secret in the World.” She said, “it will change your life.” Changing my life sounds good, especially now at 2:28am and looking for a bit of inspiration.

I quickly googled it and found this…

But before you click the play button, this is not a video to just quickly glance, skim, skip, and within 33 seconds click out. Do yourself a favor, BOOKMARK this post and when you have time, listen to this video. Grab a pen, piece of paper, and take notes. Then go back and listen to it again – then… TAKE ACTION on the lessons given in this audio.

It’s about 30 minutes long and worth your time investment.

If you want a change, a reason to do something different, this video will have your answer.

Please leave your thoughts below.

Enjoy YOUR journey Champ.

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