How To Get Testimonials

by Chris Brisson on July 21, 2011

How to Get Testimonials


I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about marketing, lead generation, conversions, and a bit about getting case studies and testimonials from our customers. He quietly said to me, “Chris… I don’t have any.”

So I showed him a simple and automated system that he could setup using his email autoresponder, his website, and some other neat little software tools out there to automatically generate super HOT testimonials without him doing any extra work.

Along with the process I decided to design up a quick flow of the process for getting more testimonials.


Create Your Email

When you’re writing your email to include in your buyers autoresponder sequence you want to cover a few things.

1. Thank Your Customers

2. Give Value

3. Ask For It!

Inside of your email you can include two different links. One link is for customers who are satisfied and the other for “un-satisfied customers”. Depending on the link clicked it will take them to a different webpage. Now, on this webpage will be a simple survey and opt-in form to put them into another followup sequence.

Ask For The Testimonial

I like to get video testimonials from customers. Let’s face it – video works and it works like crazy. To get a video testimonial, you’ll need to give them a special gift, course, product, or something in exchange for the video testimonial. They have to turn on their camera, record it, upload it to youtube and send it over to you. It’s some work, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

On the flip side, you can ask for an audio testimonial. I use to record audio calls. They can just call a phone number, enter their pin, and start recording. BYOAudio will turn it into a flash player to plug on you website.

Thanks much and I hope you enjoyed the post and infographic.

To automate your Teleseminars check out AutoTeleseminar.

– Chris

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Bruce Hurley

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:04

Great stuff, Chris! I would add to your flow chart an acknowledgement of gratitude for those providing testimonials. Gifts are nice, but they don’t replace a heartfelt “thank you.”

People who feel appreciated will be happier and more likely to refer again. This process works best when it’s more than just a quid pro quo.

Thanks for taking the time to share this. I love by the way!


Calvin Curry

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:21

Hey Chris,

This is great. Thanks for sharing it. Love the little flow chart thing you have going on.

– Calvin


Chris Brisson

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:25

@Bruce – my man. Absolutely! Nothing beats a handwritten “thank you note.” Have any strategies on “how to ask for the referral” from a direct mail letter or card?


Chris Brisson

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:25

@Calvin – Glad you enjoyed it. We have some more in the works. If you have a process that you’d like us to create an infographic for, let me know.


Justin Brooke

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:43

That’s some awesomesauce right there if I’ve ever seen any. Now wheres that checklist of things I should do to get my auto-testimonial capture campaign setup? ;-D


Chris Brisson

Jul 21,2011 @ 15:48

Check out Todd Brown’s video here:

he did it all for you…



Jul 21,2011 @ 17:19

awesome dude, I’ve found the best time to ask for the referral is right after they have said thank you to me for any reason lol.


Bernard Bonomo

Jul 21,2011 @ 18:16

Awesome chart.. don’t forget about the most powerful testimonials.. VIDEO! talk to you soon buddy


Bruce Hurley

Jul 21,2011 @ 23:15

@Chris Check your e-mail for some direct referral strategies and examples. Feel free to share if you find anything helpful.


James Wedmore

Jul 22,2011 @ 04:11

Simple, yet brilliant. That’s what I like!


Glen Wayne

Jul 22,2011 @ 13:39

Thanks Chris, I have been around but I have never seen this topic diagrammed or thoroughly discussed.


Dragan Mestrovic

Jul 22,2011 @ 21:31

Hi Chris, This is an awesome infographic. Clear and straight to the point.

When companies care about their customers, the customers will reward it with a testimonial.

You are right! We need to ask. :)


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